By Best Duty Free Ltd is a company founded in 1996, run by Mrs. Dasha Frashëri and has always remained in family management. This company aims to meet the expectations of its customers, always looking for new inspirations and motivations. It is the first company in Albania that offers products of international brands with superior quality and affordable prices. Following in the footsteps of time By Best Duty Free Ltd is on the crest of the wave and continues to pursue a successful strategy. By Best Duty Free Ltd stores are located in the heart of Tirana and are a destination for thousands of customers.

By Best Duty Free Ltd started its activity in Tirana by positioning itself in the development of brands as: Swarovski, Swatch, Mont Blanc, Estee Lauder, YSL, Cartier, Salvador Dali, Misaki, Perfumes EurocosPB which were traded for the first time in the market Albanian in a multibrand store.

1999 - 2007
By Best Duty Free Ltd earns the right to enter into a Duty-Free agreement with Albtransport (today known as TIA) and runs the duty-free shop until April 2007.

By Best Duty Free Ltd invests in construction and tourism:
  • Metropol Shopping Center in Tirana where the sales activity is concentrated
  • Two tourist villages in Golem, Kavaja with 120 villas
  • International Trade
  • Food and Beverage

2007 - TODAY
By Best Duty Free Ltd relocates its activity with mono-brand stores for the brands of Swarovski, Swatch, Villeroy&Boch, Blukids in Metropol – Shopping Center.

By Best Duty Free Ltd is a family business that wants to create a stimulating purchasing experience for its customers, while increasing the main features of each brand
We are the first Albanian company that provides brands with high quality products, promoting the country's trade and tourism comeback.
By Best Duty Free Ltd is a landmark for those seeking quality, competitive prices and always fashionable solutions.
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