Delivery will be made within the time period of 2-3 days after order confirmation. The customer is obliged to provide true, accurate information on the receipt and delivery of the order. ByBest.shop is not responsible for the consequences of events that are beyond its control, such as: 
  • force majeure 
  • events that depend on the transport provider, which would delay or stop the delivery of ordered products.

Delivery will be made to the address that the client will declare according to the following options:

The cost of transport is 0 ALL / order within the city of Tirana and 330 ALL/ order in all districts of Albania. The shipping cost to Kosovo and North Macedonia is 5-7 EUR/ order. We also offer Express shipping for Albania. The cost of transport for Express Shipping is 500 ALL / order within the city of Tirana and 700 ALL/order in all districts of Albania. The delivery time for orders within the city of Tirana will take 3-4 hours and for orders outside the city of Tirana will take up to 12 hours. This service is offered between 9 AM to 8 PM.  Our transport provider will contact the customer on the day of delivery of the order to confirm the time and place of delivery. The customer must check the products delivered by the carrier and if he notices that the products are missing or damaged, the client should send mail to orders@bybest.shop where to describe all remarks. These remarks must be clear (damage determination) in order to be taken into account by ByBest.shop for product replacement. The email should also be accompanied by photos of the product along with the official document of purchase of the item (tax coupon). This notice must be sent within the day the order is received.

The buyer will be able to place an order and send it as a gift to a third party. Once the order is for a gift payment from the customer can be made by account numbers, or by credit/debit card. Relevant comments are placed in the order. Also, the buyer has the right to request the placement of a personalized dedication.

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